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International Conference on Modern Electrical Power Engineering (ICMEPE-2016)


The "International Conference on Modern Electrical Power Engineering (ICMEPE-2016)", building on the tradition and prestige of the "Spanish-Portuguese Conference on Electrical Engineering" (13 uninterrupted editions so far since 1990), aims to promote a truly international forum where a broader audience can exchange its latest ideas and developments on electrical power engineering and to promote the collaboration amount the Engineers, both from the universities and also from the companies. The therteen editions of the "Spanish-Portuguese Conference on Electrical Engineering" have taken place in Vigo (1990), Coimbra (1991), Barcelona (1993), Porto (1995), Salamanca (1997), Lisboa (1999), Madrid (2001) Vilamoura (2003), Marbella (2005), Funchal-Madeira Island (2007), Zaragoza (2009), Ponta Delgada-Azores (2011) and Valencia (2013).

It is then with a great pleasure that we announce the realization of the "International Conference on Modern Electrical Power Engineering (ICMEPE-2016)", that will take place from 6 to 8 of July, 2016 at the Rectorat Building, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain.

All the papers presented, physically or virtually, at the conference will be included in the open access Electrical Engineering Electronic Journal (JEEE), with ISSN: 2172-1246, and also their authors will be invited for to include their papers in the Open Engineering Journal (De Gruyter Open).

The science and technology progress is based on the diffusion of the knowledge and on his contrast by the researchers community, for this reason the objectives of this event are an ideas debate, a free discussion and a rigorous analysis of those works presented within the frame of the electrical engineering. And in this sense the fact that at the successive editions the participation increase step by step means that the authors receives of this event enough advantages like for to justify the additional effort for preparing the papers, to attend and to participate actively. This is the best proof of the importance of to support and to hold this event and try to push it to all the community.

The "International Conference on Modern Electrical Power Engineering (ICMEPE-2016)" will cover the following subjects:

1.- Analysis, Operation and Control of Power Systems
2.- Electrical Machines and Drives
3.- Renewable Generation and Storage
4.- Demand-side Management and Electric Vehicles
5.- Information & Communications Technologies for Power S.
6.- Substation Technologies, Switchgears and Protections