International Conference on Modern Electrical Power Engineering (ICMEPE-2016)


With the purpose to allow a review by the International Scientific Committee members, the authors interested in presenting an original unpublished paper should send to the Secretariat of the Conference a two A4 double column pages digest of the paper in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or MS Word (.doc). These digests of the papers must have a two A4 double-column pages with the title of the paper, authors, your complete contact information and electronic address, five key words, interest of the work, objectives, main contributions and the most important references. The digest must be sent to the Secretariat using one of the following electronic addresses: or, before March 31, 2016. You must send also the Pre-registration Form

The digests of the papers must be written in English and should be produced according to the Instructions for Summarized Papers.

The digest will be perfectly put in the frame of the topics corresponding to the ICMEPE-2016.

The International Scientific Committee members will be the responsible people for the papers evaluation take into account the presented digests and considering his originality, interest, quality, elaboration, references and the agreement between the objectives and the conclusions. Each item can obtain the punctuation from 1 to 10 and take into account the results each member will classify the evaluated digests like: excellent, good, average, poor, bad or very bad using for this purpose the Evaluation Form. The International Scientific Committee members can send remarks of the evaluated digests for to send to the authors (without to say the name of the referee) or for the Secretariat. Each digest will be evaluated for two International Scientific Committee members (peer review) and if between both would be discrepancies then the Chairman will request another evaluation to a third member.

Full Paper

All the authors which digest has been accepted by the International Scientific Committee will be requested to prepare, following the Papers Instructions, a full paper of a maximum of 6 pages and submit it, before May 15th, 2016, to the "International Conference on Modern Electrical Power Engineering (ICMEPE-2016)" Secretariat.

The full papers will be included in the ICMEPE-2016 USB Memory with ISBN, in the open access electronic journal "Electrical Engineering Electronic Journal (EEEJ)" with ISSN (International Standard Serial Number): 2172-1246, and also their authors will be invited for to include their papers in the Open Engineering Journal (De Gruyter Open).

The authors must put in order the registration submitting the Registration Form and making the bank transfer before May 15th, 2016. Each author registered could present a maximum of three papers, the second and third papers will have an additional cost.

The full papers will be accepted based on the digest submitted and accepted previously. The full paper must clearly explain the nature of the problem, previous works, purpose and contribution of the paper, conclusions and references.

With the purpose to ensure a uniform quality and appearance of all the contributions it is necessary prepares it following carefully the Papers Instructions.

In order toinclude it at the USB Memory, EEEJ, intitutional repository or database, It's important that also all the authors send us one extended abstract, of a maximum of one page, following also the Papers Instructions.

All the full papers must be submitted using one of the following electronic addresses: or, or using, if it's necessary, a USB Memory and by post mail, in two files one in ".pdf" format and the other in ".doc" (Word) format.

You can attend at this conference either physically, in a classic format, or, alternatively, in a virtual sinchronized way. For this latter format, the Open-ULPGC System of University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is used.

The Open-ULPGC is the tool that has the University of Las Palmas de G.C. for all synchronous activities. This will allow to see, in real time, the plenary sessions, the various oral presentations and poster sessions, all without the need to physically move to Congress.

To be signed up in Open mode. You need:
- PC with Windows, Mac or Linux. Tablets, iPad or smart phones will be able to be used as well.
-The equipment used should have to have webcam and microphone. It is recommended to have also headphones with microphone.
- A good connection to internet. It is advised to check your line and make a speed test to verify.
Once signed up in the Congress, you will receive the documentation needed to connect to every session.

The authors can choose their preferences concerning with the paper presentation, that could be an oral or poster presentation, physically or virtualy, the authors preferences will be take into account within the possibilities of the final programme. In this sense the general criterion is classify the full papers take into account the general or specific characteristics of the work and then to reserve the more general for oral sessions and the more specific ones for to permit a more personal, deep and detailed discussion between more specialized interlocutors for the poster sessions. In any case this classification don't means any difference of valuation concerning with the scientific-technical quality of the works. Of course we will not make any difference, because really don´t exist, between oral and poster presentations.

In the oral presentations, it will be necessary to indicate who will make the presentation and it is necessary to send at the ICMEPE-2016 Secretariat a brief "curriculum" of this one for to introduce by the Session Chairman to the audience. The papers will be presented in English.

Please fill up the ICMEPE-Copyright and send it to us by E-mail, with your full paper and extended abstract, after scanned it.

BEST POSTER AWARD. We will deliver one award for the most outstanding poster.